The ‘About Sonography’ page is a one stop shop for information about the process and progress of the regulation of diagnostic medical sonographers with the CMRTO. We know sonographers, MRTs and members of other professions will have many questions, and this page is your primary source of information about this exciting and complex undertaking.

If you have any questions about the regulation of sonographers, visit this page first! We will update it as important milestones are reached and the project progresses.


What's Happening?

In August 2017 the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care announced that it had received direction to regulate diagnostic medical sonographers under the CMRTO, and that the registration process is to begin by January 2018. By January 2019 all individuals practising as a diagnostic medical sonographer will be required to be registered as a member of the CMRTO in order to be authorized to practise diagnostic medical sonography in Ontario.

Simply put, this means all diagnostic medical sonographers practising in Ontario—or individuals currently participating in an education program for diagnostic medical sonography or preparing for an exam in the profession—will soon be required to register with the CMRTO.


The Registration Regulation

The first step in this process is amending our registration regulation to enable the CMRTO to register diagnostic medical sonographers as a fifth specialty and set out the registration requirements for an applicant to be issued a certificate of registration in the new specialty.

The proposed amendments have been posted to the Consultations page, located under ‘What We Do’, or click here to view the registration regulation consultation. You are welcome to review these changes and comment on the proposed amendments. Click here to see the amendments to the registration regulation. The consultation is now closed. Council approved the amended registration regulation at their meeting on October 20, 2017. The amended regulation was submitted to the government on October 24, 2017 for approval by cabinet.


Other Changes 

In addition to the CMRTO registration regulation, the government has posted proposed amendments to the prescribed forms of energy regulation for the scope of practice statement set out in the MRT Act, and the Controlled Acts regulation under the Regulated Health Professions Act relating to who can order and apply soundwaves for diagnostic ultrasound, on the provincial regulatory registry.

You can view these proposed changes online by visiting Ontario’s Regulatory Registry, or by clicking here.


Information about the application and registration process

CMRTO is starting to regulate diagnostic medical sonographers commencing January 1, 2018. Individuals currently working in diagnostic medical sonography have one transitional year (January 1 – December 31, 2018) to apply for registration with the CMRTO. In order to be eligible for a certificate of registration, you must meet the requirements for registration, set out in the registration regulation made under the Medical Radiation Technology Act (MRT Act).

The scope of practice of diagnostic medical sonography, as defined under the MRT Act, is the use of soundwaves for diagnostic ultrasound for the purpose of diagnostic procedures, the evaluation of images and data relating to the procedures and the assessment of an individual before, during and after the procedures. Practice includes not only the delivery of clinical services, but also the functions of education, management, research and administration.

There is one specialty certificate for diagnostic medical sonography. The areas of practice within diagnostic medical sonography, general sonography, cardiac sonography or vascular sonography are considered areas of practice within the specialty of diagnostic medical sonography.

Further information about the application and registration process, and the forms that your supervisor and employer will need to complete, can be found in the Application guide for diagnostic medical sonography.


Looking Ahead

In the coming months, there will be for more opportunities to provide feedback and participate in consultations. We will inform you about these opportunities through our website, our newsletters Insights and DMS Updates, and our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Council will discuss the regulation of diagnostic medical sonographers at each of its future meetings and will review evidence and feedback from consultations. You can read CMRTO Council agendas on the Council page of our website.

Detailed information on the application process will be posted to this page in the months ahead, so visit this page for more information.