No one may use the title medical radiation technologist or its abbreviations without being a member of the CMRTO. And no one may use the terms

  • Medical Radiation Technologist - Radiography, MRT(R)
  • Medical Radiation Technologist - Radiation Therapy or Medical Radiation Technologist - Radiation Therapist, MRT(T)
  • Medical Radiation Technologist - Nuclear Medicine, MRT(N)
  • Medical Radiation Technologist - Magnetic Resonance, MRT(MR)
  • Medical Radiation Technologist - Diagnostic Medical Sonographer; or Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, MRT(DMS) or DMS 

or their abbreviations - without holding the corresponding specialty certificate. If a member of the CMRTO resigns, he or she is unable to use the title medical radiation technologist until such time as the member reinstates.


Classes of CMRTO Certificates

There are two classes of CMRTO certificates, although the specialty certificate is by far the most common:


This certificate authorizes MRTs to practise one or more of:

  • radiography MRT(R)
  • radiation therapy MRT(T)
  • magnetic resonance MRT(MR)
  • nuclear medicine MRT(N)
  • diagnostic medical sonography MRT(DMS) or DMS

Information about the other classes of CMRTO certificates can be obtained from the CMRTO.

Members of the public can find out the registration status of their MRT from the Public Register of Members section of the CMRTO website or by contacting the CMRTO.