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Regarding the fees, I quite like the opportunity for members who are resigning to be able to 'bank' the amount they have left to help pay for any future fees when they reinstate. I imagine that this will be most often used by members who are going on parental leave, which is a bit difficult to schedule around someone's birthday and when they have to pay. Same with members who are resigning while they are off on injury/illness.

However, I totally disagree that there should be a 14-day grace period after a member's fees are due before they are charged a late fee. Members pay their fees on their birthday. They have a whole year to remember to pay, to save up to pay, and to reach out to the College beforehand if they feel they are unable to pay, plus they get a reminder a month in advance. If this change is instituted, instead of members reaching out to the CMRTO and saying "hi, my birthday was yesterday, can you wave the late fee, I forgot," it will just be members reaching out to the CMRTO saying "hi, my birthday was 15 days ago, can you have the wave the late fee, I forgot." I don't think it's actually going to change anything, it's just going to push the same conversations back by two weeks. If anything, it will just make it worse because now instead of hearing "there are no exceptions, everyone who misses their birthday is charged a late fee," the member will be able to say "well, you've already given me two weeks, so what's another day or two?"

Very easy to the plain language!  I also think it is great that each speciality has only one representative on council going forward.

I actually quite like the grace period for the membership fee. A lot of sonographers hold various licenses from different organizations, and each will require us to renew our membership at different times of the year.  Hence, it is really not just as simple as to remember one's own birthday, not to mention that many, including myself, don't even celebrate/remember our birthday when it comes.

This is good news but not fair to all members.  Why is the college offering a credit but not a refund of unused fees. I have been a member for almost 40 years.  I have always paid my fees on time and have been a member in good standing.  I will be retiring in the next few years with no intention to return to the profession.  A refund of unused fees would be very helpful to anyone who retires.  As we are not returning to the profession, we stand to lose our money. I understand fees are not refundable, however my suggestion is to refund unused fees rather than credit it back when a member returns. This would be fair to all members and we are not penalized for retiring after putting so much into a profession we love so much. I know other members who are in a similar situation like me and we feel the same way.  I also want to thank the college for doing such an amazing job and thank you for taking the time to read my comments.

Nice work on the on-line presentation, and congratulations on preparing a single by-law that combines all the information into one well written and easy to understand by-law. 

Much easier to understand.

Well done on making the bylaw easy to understand!

I agree with the comment that there should be provision of fee refund for those who retire from the profession. 

Great idea making the webinar. That and the information posted on the website make it very easy to understand the changes to the by-law.

Since I will be retiring in the next 5 years, I also think members should be refunded unused portions of their annual fee. I works out if you can retire on your birthday but otherwise it won't.

i like the idea .

In regards to the fee section 26.8 and related to the comment about refunds for retired members: What will happen if a member decides to relocate or leave the country and does not intend to come back within 5 years? why wouldn't you refund this amount rather than keeping it as a credit? 

Thanks for the webinar it was helpful to understand the changes being proposed. 

I do like the ability to have a credit for fees paid during leaves however I also agree with the suggestions that there be an exception for retiring MRT's whereby there could be a one time refund for that purpose. 

I also agree with some of the comments regarding the grace periods for payment of fees in that I don't feel there should be a grace period.  I can see where there are extenuating circumstances, that there should be an opportunity to exercise your right to waive the late registration fee however I do feel that there is plenty of effort on the part of  College to provide reminders and although sometimes some would like to forget their birthdays...It is a ready made reminder that should make it hard to forget.  Allowing a grace period actually might make it harder to remember.


Its good idea that we have a grace period,also the webinar is a chance for all to communicate . Thanks


Fees are too high ! No insurance , no CMEs ! No way!

too much of money for no benefits .WHY ?

Are u aware that sonographers of Canada are already holding a license of Sonography of Canada which is a federal organization? Why should i apply for Cmrto than? And pay 113+531+PLI???

It is not acceptable high member fee for sonographers, whose rate is average 25 -  30 CAD per hour. We  pay ARDMS 75$ and Sonography Canada 284 CAD ( includs PLI and free CME). Why CMRTO wants grab our money ( 630$ ! ) without any benefit ?! Without PLI, without free CME. In this case price for member should be comparable with ARDMS price 75 $, not more !

Also we would like to know ,where is the law, prohibiting practicing in Ontario for those sonographers, who hold ARDMS ( highly respective organization for many years ) and Sonography Canada certificates/ member card?

- from 10 highly experienced sonographers


protecting patient from sonographers that note registered with cmrto??? but if i pay 113+531+pli than its safe ???? non sense. PROTEST!!!!!!

I have prepared petition protesting the sonographers to become meembers of cmrto and paying 113+531+pli!!!! and MPPs are working on it!!!

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